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Bertram Physiotherapy takes great care and pride in personalised assessment and treatment.


Physiotherapists like people. We enjoy caring for the people who come to us for help. We like bodies. Bodies are interesting. We try to help our patients understand how the body works, what can go wrong with their body, and how things can be fixed.


Physiotherapy is an exciting and intriguing practice because it is based on the intellectual pursuits of western medicine – highly developed knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and research – yet we use the most primitive of tools: our hands.


Complex problems such as spinal pain, recurring injuries or repetitive strain can have subtle or multiple causes. Sometimes the cause of injury is obvious, such as a single sprain or strain, but often it is not, and even a simple strain may heal badly when it is under stress.


Physiotherapists are trained to examine injuries with a western medical/orthopaedic objectivity, but we also strive to assess the body and it’s environment as a whole. Once the state of the injury and it’s underlying causes are determined, Andrew is able to draw on 20 years of experience to utilise a wide range of treatment techniques and exercise strategies  to match the needs of the patient.


Andrew is committed to manual or hands on treatment as well as critical thinking and tailors each session to the state of the injury and the person.


If you have had an injury to your spine, joints or muscles, are troubled by pain, or are having difficulty with movement, Bertram Physiotherapy would like to help you.