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Sports Physiotherapy

Research into exercise and physical activity continually reveal new benefits to human health and longevity.


Hi intensity sport is a fantastic way to burn off youthful energy – or perhaps a way to keep that youthful feeling – but it does create injuries.


The first priority after a sports injury is to get an accurate diagnosis.


Physiotherapists are trained to examine injuries using a medical/orthopaedic rationale and give you the right advice.


The Bertram Physiotherapy model for sports injury treatment is simple:

  • Examine and advise
  • Protect the injury – Taping/bracing/careful exercise
  • Treatment – Utilise the full range of physiotherapy interventions: massage/manipulation; electrotherapy and ultrasound; dry needling; exercise prescription.
  • Rehabilitation – Strengthen the injured part, the whole body, and prepare for sport.
  • Prevention – Correct imbalances, weaknesses and compensations. Reduce future risk. Perhaps even improve performance.