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Pain Relief

Healing from injury is not the same as recovering. Most tissues can heal adequately after an injury or operation. – why do some bodies stay in a painful state?


What is the source of pain?

  • Recent inflammation from injury or surgery
  • Muscle spasm
  • Overuse damage to tendons or joints
  • Faulty movements that expose the body to dangerous forces and compressions
  • Nerves or nerve pathways that have become dysfunctional
  • Many medical conditions produce chronic inflammation or pain.

A professional Physiotherapist is on a lifelong journey to understand the body and how it copes (or doesn’t) with injury. Abnormal movement patterns and muscle contractions are easily retained by the body after injury. Severe or persistent pain triggers changes in the nervous system that increase  pain sensitivity.


Pain in joints or muscle causes muscle to weaken and fatigue more easily. Stiffness in joints, muscle and connective tissue becomes more permanent over time. 


Often there is a great deal Bertram Physiotherapy can achieve toward pain relief:


Joint, muscle and connective tissue manipulation can effectively reduce pain and stiffness in tissues. Remedial massage reduces muscle tension and joint stifness. Dry needling and western acupuncture can effectively reduce tissue pain and reduce abnormal nervous activity. The nervous system can be gently manipulated.


Taping or orthopaedic supports may be used to allow the injured part to move more comfortably or safely. Exercise programs to either stretch restricted tissue or strengthen weak muscles are prescribed to improve the balance of forces through the body.  Exercise as therapy is used specifically to assist the recovery or to help you handle your lifestyle better.


The Bertram Physiotherapy approach:

  • Diagnose the source of pain as accurately as possible.
  • Use manual (hands-on) techniques if a joint or soft-tissue abnormality is present – it usually is.
  • Prescribe safe exercise and advise you on how to use your body at home or work.
  • Work as part of your team –your doctor, your health professionals and most importantly, your goals.
  • Please feel free to email Andrew if you have a query about your pain or your condition.